"It was a dream of ours to own a wine farm in Stellenbosch. Welcome to our little piece of heaven on earth."

The farm was purchased by young entrepreneurs, dreamers & do’ers; Tom & Hayley Breytenbach. Originally purchased as a “life-style buy” they realised the need to create income off the land in order to sustain their investment. Inspired by the beauty of the Devon Valley, passionate about drinking wine & spurred on by the idea of creating a venue for their own wedding day, Tom & Hayley turned their piece of “The Valley” into a fully functioning dream location in just under a year. The name “Brenaissance” stems from the ideology of Tom & Hayley taking a new path; as husband & wife, as best friends & as business partners. By pairing the first letter of the couple’s surname ‘Breytenbach’ with the word ‘Renaissance’ (French for NEW BEGINNINGS), Brenaissance was born.

Tom & Hayley Breytenbach